Jonathan (Kanto) From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pok�mon encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search Jonathan in the pastJonathan (Japanese : イサオ Isao) is a character of the day from the anime who appeared in Time Warp Heals All Wounds. His Japanese voice actor is Nobuyuki Hiyama and his English voice actor is Eric Schussler. Years ago, when they were young, Jonathan worked as a Pok�mon pediatrician in their home town, when his wife, Edna as his assistant. He's been thinking about becoming an actual doctor for Pok�mon, instead of simply tending their eggs, and that requires leaving town for some time, to live in the city. Jonathan tries to persuade Edna to come with him, but she is reluctant. When Edna finally refuses outright on leaving her hometown, Jonathan leaves her with a note, claiming he loves her dearly, but he needs to seek this avenue. He boards the train, never knowing Edna is chasing after him to tell him she was pregnant, and doesn't return from that day on. A year after Jonathan left, Edna is given a letter claiming he died in an accident. However, in a state of denial, she doesn't believe the claim and goes to wait for him at the station. Jonathan and Edna in the presentIn the present, May's Squirtle finds Edna's locket and May opens it, sending her and her Squirtle back in time with Meowth. By adhering to Edna's fondest, idealistic wish and May using Squirtle's Ice Beam to turn the rain into snow, effectively delaying the outbound train, Edna catches up with Jonathan to tell him of their soon-to-be daughter. With the truth revealed, Jonathan remains in town with Edna. May, Squirtle, and Meowth return to the present to discover Jonathan alive and well, and is the pediatrician who overlooks the hatching of May's Eevee, with Edna and his granddaughter Katrina aiding him.