Latias can become invisible if it sits in the light the right way, thanks to the light-refracting down that covers its body.

 Latios: An extremely intelligent Pokemon, Latios can fly faster than a plane.

 Regigigas: According to legend, this mighty Pokemon towed continents with ropes.

Manaphy: Because water makes up 80 percent of its body, this pokemon is greatly affected by weather changes in its environment. It will also swim great distances to return to its birth place.


If Lugia used its wings, it could cause a 40 day storm -- thankfully, it rarely emerges from its deep-sea trenches it calls home.


Kyogre has slumbered in a marine trench for ages, but when it awakes, it could cause down pours that would widen the oceans.

The Above information came from a book called Pokemon ULTIMATE HANDBOOK

UPDATED EDITION. The book itself only goes up to the Sinnoh Region.